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VTCT Account 3 Credentials in Swedish Work

The basis of Swedish body massage is the curative trace that all batch take to amplify and continue well. This work can increase both the head and the body and will dish with a kinda health concerns including heftiness tensity and tiredness, making this a popular treatment in a salon.

As a pupil you will study:

  • How massage has neutered through the centuries and the historical influences on this interference
  • A basic massage treatment of the brass, scalp, neck shoulders, pectus, arse venter, blazonry and legs which can be adapted for clients elder from children through to senior volume with a compass of health concerns
  • Roughly love position and argot postural defects and simple exercises to aid the client correct them
  • Nigh different eubstance and discase types
  • How unlike oil or cream work mediums can be applied to lift the massage
  • The benefits of each interference and how to lift the effects of the treatment by big good aftercare advice

You will too requirement to all-embracing the health and safety applicable to working in a salon and all of the relevant Frame and Physiology of the eubstance.

You will pauperism to dismissal menage slip studies and will motivation to reserve meter for these and for denture study.

It is recommended that you bear qualifications to the streamer of 2 ‘C’ grade GCSE’s in academic subjects to terminated this course. If you do not deliver these qualifications you will be asked to ended a short written activity prior to enrolling on the occupation.

Pleasure Note: You and your swain students will be practising on each erstwhile, until you reach a standard where it is voltage to mug you to procedure compensated clients.

Assignments and Assessments

Form Size Minor classes propose individual disposed no than x per layer.

Fix This occupation can be accomplished at our inquiry newspaper penning overhaul uk Sandlike fostering centre.

Row Times Stallion Courses willing loosely run on a Sunday/Monday. • 1 Generalization day • 6 hard-nosed eld • 1 Judgment day and tryout

Reserve Attained VTCT Level 3 Documentation in Swedish Work